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Can Birthright Citizenship Finally Be Ended?

July 30, 2009
Harris Sherline

With all the hullabaloo about TARP, the stimulus bill, the out-of-control spending of the Obama administration, and the health care proposal that’s currently being debated, perhaps one of the most important pieces of legislation in America’s history has started to work its way through Congress. It could just be that the practice of “Birthright Citizenship” may finally be coming to an end.

There are those who will see this as some form of discrimination, particularly against Hispanics, while others will view as righting a serious wrong that has been tolerated by Americans for far too long.

The idea, of course, is to stop the practice of automatically granting American citizenship to anyone who is born here, regardless of the status of their parents. Even children whose parents are both U.S. non-citizens automatically become citizens. This includes more than 400,000 babies who are born within our borders and whose parents are illegal aliens.

The story continues …..

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