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House Set To Vote On Fast-Tracked “food-Safety” Bill

July 28, 2009
Sarah Foster

Farm Freedom Group: “H.R. 2749 Puts FDA Directly on the Farm”

August recess begins next week, when members of Congress leave town to touch base with folks in their home districts and mend whatever fences need mending.

In these last days before adjournment, the Obama administration has been applying serious pressure on lawmakers to get its priority bills passed by at least one house. But while the media and general public focus on the politically charged bills dealing with health care, climate change and hate crimes, less attention-grabbing proposals have been moved along in a series of congressional sneak attacks.

One of these — H.R. 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act (FSEA) of 2009 – is scheduled to be voted on by the House today.

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