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Slander, Power Grab, Spoils Border Activist Group Meeting

July 20, 2009
Roy Warden
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Police Called To Restore Order

On Saturday afternoon Tucson Police were called to the monthly meeting of Arizonans for Immigration Control, held at the Himmel Park Library, to deal with a public disturbance which erupted when a disgruntled trio of insiders engaged in a plan to wrest control from elected President Lee Ewing.

“There was shouting and name calling,” said Tucson activist Roy Warden.

“The most reasonable of the few members who attended simply got up and walked out. I was relieved when the police finally showed up to restore order. It was a very ugly experience.”

The group’s problems stem from a total lack of orderly procedure, otherwise known as “the rule of law.” Arizonans for Immigration Control has, apparently, existed for 22 years without published by-laws and rules of conduct.

“For two decades the group floundered as it operated merely as the alter-ego of longtime leader Wes Bramhall,” said Warden.

“Good people interested in protecting the border would attend one meeting and ask: ‘What are the group objectives? What is the group trying to accomplish? What are the rules? Is this just some kind of mob, or what? When nobody gave them a coherent answer they didn’t come back.”

When Wes Bramhall retired two years ago, Lee Ewing was elected President for an indeterminate term.

“When Lee was elected there was no agreed upon term of office, no rules for re-election, no rules defining the conduct and responsibilities of group officers,” said Warden. “It was anarchy.”

The group’s problems are symptomatic of problems faced by a growing number of political activist groups: People are becoming increasingly frustrated by corruption, political malfeasance, the nation’s plunge towards socialism, high crime rates associated with Illegal Aliens etc., but they lack an educated view of American history and the real purpose of the American Revolution, knowledge of how our government operates, how to organize to help shape government policy, how to write and implement group rules and state objectives and how to set forth rational plans to accomplish those objectives.

“Many people who attend these meetings are often anarchists,” said Warden, who has attended meetings held by a number of local and national activist groups.

“Some people hate the idea of rules and government. They call themselves ‘sovereigns.’ They fail to realize that rules are important and that government is merely the mechanism for achieving group goals.”

Warden says acrimony between Arizonans for Immigration Control leaders has simmered behind the scenes for more than six months, finally exploding into the unfortunate public display which occurred on Saturday.

“Lee Ewing has been under a lot of pressure for more than six months,” Warden said. “We tried to work behind the scenes, to set up a meeting, to resolve group issues, but three people Lee reasonably expected to help organize and run the group instead engaged in slander to accomplish their own personal agendas.”

“These three have disparaged Lee and defamed his character. It’s really hurt him. Frankly, it’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a long while.”

Warden says he expects the issue to end up in Pima County Superior Court.

“You can’t just go around humiliating a man, causing him pain and damaging his reputation without facing legal consequences,” Warden said.

For further information please contact:

Roy Warden, Publisher
Common Sense II
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