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Liberty, Sam Adams, Freedom, What Sam Knew

July 19, 2009
Freedom News

As early as 1748 Samuel Adams, who should be considered the Father of the American revolution, started to write in a newspaper he jointly owned with a group of like-minded young men, about what was then an alarming tendency by the British Crown to ignore and violate the “charters” of the 13 colonies. Sam may have been a sickly man and an abject business failure, but he was the first to see and to publicly say that things would come to a head and that the only way to restore the charter rights was to become independent of the Crown.

These charters gave the colonies a great amount of local self-control and over time the Crown started to simply ignore the charters or it made arbitrary changes that did not favor the colonies at all. For the Crown, the colonies were a business investment in which the only thing that mattered was profit: the “Lords of Trade” wanted the colonies to produce only certain items, none manufactured, and to act as a “market” for their manufactured goods.

The story continues …..

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