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What “Tipping Point” Will Push Americans To Their Limit?

July 19, 2009
Mary Starrett

Here’s what we’re looking at:

Massive taxes, unprecedented government spending and full bore amnesty. Add to that a proposed state-run health care system which will force a “surtax” on folks who dare to be financially successful, will require employers to foot the bill for their worker’s health insurance- in essence penalizing business owners for having employees. (Great job stimulus, isn’t it?) The “healthcare” plan advocated by our president by its very nature will necessitate rationed services and guarantee mind-boggling bureaucracy along with the wasteful spending that is attached to all government programs. We’re facing a so- called “Cap and Trade” scheme which will further bankrupt this country by raising utility bills and reducing quality of living while exporting jobs. We have a Supreme Court Justice nominee who makes rulings based on skin color and who doesn’t think the 2nd amendment means what it says.

The story continues …..

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