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Senior Obama Official Backs Cheney and C.I.A., Says Concealment of Assassin Program Legal

July 19, 2009
Jeremy Scahill

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are preparing to hold hearings to investigate the role of vice president Dick Cheney in allegedly ordering the C.I.A. to conceal a secret assassination program from Congress. As I reported yesterday, there are two crucial issues at play: the nature of the U.S. assassination program and the role of former vice president Dick Cheney in concealing aspects of it from Congressional oversight. On the broader issue of U.S. government assassination, it is very unlikely that will become a central focus given that there has long been a bipartisan assassination program that continues under President Obama. Indeed, most legislators frame their opposition to this program through the lens of the concealment issue, not the assassinations.

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  1. Rev Reggie Jackson permalink
    July 20, 2009 9:27 pm

    This shows that Obama is being forced to do the same wicked things that the Bush & Cheney Administration did !! Obama said that there will be no torturings. They have already changed that because now he will allow the CIA to torture and assasinate at will. Bush and Cheney loved killing people and having that type of wicked power.

    But Obama said at the CIA meeting that he had in Langley, Virginia, “there will be no torture” but the globalsit antichrist devils changed his mind as he too is also their puppet.

    But when they come after certain of Gods very special children and messengers; instant death will come upon them and then they will know that God will not allow them to do everything that they want to do!! There are limits and they will find that out once He strikes them dead and send them to an immediate hell !!

    For the Great God of Heaven will plague them and defeat them in the very near future after they have martyred most of His Children for not taking their zombie making and soul cursing Mark of the Beast Chip in our forehead or hand.

    And then He will have His Mighty Angels throw them right into the Great Lake of Fire and Brimstone where they will scream and cry and lament for trillions and trillions of years, infinitum!!

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