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Put The Monster To Sleep…Stimulate That

July 10, 2009
Dr. Laurie Roth

Now we are talking a second stimulus bill apparently because the Viagra and candy we threw out to the special interests and big boys in the last one didn’t work right. The American public thought there was supposed to be a benefit to them and jobs, wrong! Unemployment is almost up to 11% now, California is giving out IOUs and emptying their prisons of serious illegal alien criminals, while paying to send them back to Mexico so they can come back and commit more crimes. The US prisoners get to stay put but the illegal alien guys get their way paid back to their country according to attorney Steve Eichler of As usual, US citizens are chopped liver and all other groups and invaders are special. Then there is are glowing housing and retail industry which is moving like a pregnant turtle on drugs.

The story continues …..

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