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Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Hits Omaha Family Leaves Them With Bills [Video]

July 1, 2009
Diggers Realm

Every day across this country illegal aliens are killing Americans. Meanwhile, Congress sits back and sips a fine glass of wine and pontificates on the human justice of giving illegal aliens citizenship for breaking our laws.

In Omaha, Nebraska families are living this devastation. Trish Linscott came upon the scene of her car totaled on the highway. Inside had been her two daughters who were plowed into by an illegal alien drunk driver, 51-year-old Romero Garcia. Her daughters had to go to the hospital racking up thousands in medical bills. Garcia was booked on DUI, Failure to Yield and no insurance.

Linscott says that her insurance did not cover the full costs of the totaling of her car and with having to purchase a replacement vehicle is now stuck with two payments until her totaled vehicle is paid off.

The story continues …..

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