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N.A.I.S., Friend And Foe

June 30, 2009
Lynn Stuter

At the hearings, many of which have now been held, the USDA got an earful from farmers and ranchers regarding NAIS, and the message, loud and clear, like the majority of the 9,000 comments to the site, was “no how … no way … no to NAIS”; one gentlemen going so far as to ask the USDA officials “what part of ‘no’ do you not understand?” He went on to call the listening sessions a “dog and pony show,” telling USDA officials present that they knew full well that they already had their minds made up about NAIS, that they fully intended to implement it whether the people liked it or wanted it.

The story continues …..

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  1. Harold permalink
    July 2, 2009 8:13 am

    Thank you Linda …..

  2. Linda permalink
    July 1, 2009 1:13 pm

    Harold, I thought I should put this in the comments section for all to read the response of this small farmer. It is so excellent.

    Comment Tracking Number
    First Name Sue
    Middle Name
    Last Name Stretton
    City Dry Creek
    Country United States
    State or Province LA
    Organization Name FARFA
    Submitter’s Representative
    Government Agency Type
    Government Agency
    General Comment
    Comment Mr Vilsack, you have asked for comments from the samll farmers of America.
    Here are mine. I raise small stock . They dont bring a lot of money but they help
    with my meager income. Your cost analysis says it will only cost a few dollars to
    tag and track my animals but there are a few things Kansas state has not
    factored in. Nobody is going to sell me those tags for a few cents. If I have to have
    a vet or other paid person help with tagging I have to pay. My vet changes $80 just
    for the trip. My animals lose tags, rip up their ears and otherwise make it
    necessary to replace tags. My original flock came with tags. within a year they
    were all gone. More expense. Small farmers do not sell to exporters. They mostly
    do local private sales. Exempt us from NAIS if you are so determined to foist an
    unpopular and unnecessary program on the rest of the people.
    As for privacy. Any 12 year old with a laptop can and has gotten into governmet
    and private databases. One of the NAIS bills that has been proposed would allow
    foreign governments to get into those databases if they claimed an animal with
    disease got to their country. I beleive if I remember correctly it was Mr. Colin
    Petersons bill. If someone else has your information and gives it to anyone else it
    is no longer private. It becomes public with the first transfer of information. Do you
    really think people who work in offices maintain confidentiality? If you do you are
    Liability. If you think that my neighbor would not sue me if one of my animals
    came down with something and his got killed in the kill zone you are again naive.
    This is America, the lawsuit capitol of the Western world. Of course he would. It
    wouldnt take a lawyer long to find out whose herd started the killing/
    Premises registration. My home and farm which I live on is not a premises. It is
    my home. My animals are not part of a national herd. I bought and paid for them
    and I pay taxes on my land. I will not encumber it to the government so that
    exporters can have an easier way to buy and sell while they make my way harder.
    I also have religious convictions that teach me that marking my land and animals
    with a government number is not to be done. There is no “easier” way to do
    premis ID it is just wrong-period.
    Animal ID. We already have animal ID. We have brands, tattoos, private ear
    tags, names etc. Small producers know each animals by name or at least by
    sight. When we buy and sell we get a receipt if we buy and sell at a market. If we
    buy and sell locally we know who we bought and sold from and often have their
    name and address on file so we can call them next time we want to buy from or
    sell to them. W have lots of disease program to prevent and treat disease. THe
    USDA has only one-kill. Why are you interested in tracing back to the farm of
    origin? If old Sally gets FMD she got it within the last 24-48 hours. You dont need
    to know where she was born if she hasnt been there in 3 years. You want to make
    traceback more palatable? rescind your foolish kill zones and start testing,
    vaccinating and treating diseases that actually kill or infect humans.
    Here are my recommendations. Leave the disease programs that are already in
    place as they are. THey are doing a good job and you know it. If you have a
    suspected case, test, quarrantine and only destroy those animals that are
    actually ill. Vaccinate the rest. Britain foolishly destroyed it beef cattle and sheep
    industry with kill zones and government people who went about carrying the
    disease from farm to farm. They foolishly refused to vaccinate. Farmers killed
    themselves, genetics were lost and the agriculture economy has yet to fully
    recover. Dont do this program. It isnt worth it.

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