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Message to Obama Nominee: Discrimination is Wrong

June 30, 2009
Bobby Eberle

The United States Supreme Court has spoken, and because of Monday’s ruling, the nation can move one step closer to truly being a colorblind society. In the process, the majority of Supreme Court justices slapped down the ruling of Obama’s Supreme Court nominee: Judge Sonya Sotomayor.

In a case where white firefighters were denied promotions simply because they are white, Sotomayor ruled that it was fine for the city of New Haven, CT to throw out test results on a promotional exam because no minorities placed high enough to receive a promotion. The Supreme Court said, “Wrong!” I wonder how a conservative nominee would be judged by Democrats if the Supreme Court overturned a recent ruling by the nominee. Do you think they’d dismiss it as they are doing for Sotomayor?

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