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Kissinger, Obama, The FED and Mark Kirk Confess, featuring Ron Paul and Alex Jones

June 25, 2009
The Reality Report
June 25, 2009

This Reality Report is stuffed to the gills with info just for you! We’ve got Kissinger calling to over throw Iran and Obama telling us we’ve done it before! We have the Federal Reserve confessing they misplaced a Trillion or so of your dollars and a few guys who are fighting Congressman Mark Kirk to get some transparency for the US Central Bank through HR 1207.We also have the extended report from Jekyll Island with Katherine Albrecht, Bob Schulz, Adam Kokesh, Clyde Cleveland, Ernest Hancock, G. Edward Griffin, Michael Badnarik and more.To add to the fun Gary Franchi will take you deep inside Alex Jones Studios for an exclusive behind the scenes look while filming for Camp FEMA.And to put the icing on the cake, Ron Paul makes an appearance to share his thoughts on Socialized Health Care.Oh and that squirmy Dictator Kim Jong Il rears his ugly head to shout some threats at the United States.With appearances by: Mark Kirk, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Katherine Albrecht, Adam Kokesh, Clyde Cleveland, Ernest Hancock, Ernest Guy Cunningham, G. Edward Griffin, Michael Badnarik, Dr. Bob Frady and more!This is one jam packed report that you need to see and share!

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