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Obama Resolutely Turning US into Third World Country

June 25, 2009
Sher Zieve
June 24, 2009

On a one-man and multi-Czar mission to turn the USA into–at least–a third world country, Obama is in the process of taking over all major US industries–thus far, he’s commandeered the auto industry and banking. He is now going after the creme de la creme–healthcare and the attendant Insurance companies. ObamaControl of this industry will give him ultimate power over all of us.

During a recent speech to the American Medical Association (AMA), he said: ‚”What accounts for the bulk of our costs is the nature of the healthcare delivery system.” Translation: ‚”I don’t like this entire US system and plan to trash it.” He then said: ‚”We spend vast amounts of money on things that aren’t necessarily making people any healthier.” Translation: ‚”I know how to manage healthcare better than doctors. Besides, I not only want a piece of this action, I want it ALL!”

In order to support his claims of ‘cheaper healthcare is better than expensive healthcare’, he decided to tell a story–one which probably will never be verified by the still-fawning ObamaMedia. As supposed support for his argument, he advised the group in attendance that McAllen, TX has higher healthcare costs than does El Paso, TX. He said this is due to doctors giving their patients ‚”in some cases, treatment they don’t need and in some cases [treatment that] can actually do people harm by raising the real risk of infection and medical error. This error is being repeated across America!” Translation: ‚”As I have virtually all of my State-run news channels covering this speech–and they love me and will do anything and everything I tell them–this message will get to the American people. If I can scare them enough, continue to confuse them with my double-speak and convince them that less healthcare really means more healthcare I’ll get this miserable program passed! Then, we can really do some real damage to American and my opposition. Then, I’ll control almost EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! Heh-heh.”

The story continues …..

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