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Warden to Arizona Legislature: “Here’s Your TUSD ‘Raza’ Studies Smoking Gun!

June 24, 2009
Roy Warden
June 25, 2009
Via email …..

(Note: the documents referred to herein comprise a 4 megabyte PDF file too large to send with this story. Please contact Roy Warden for copies.)

Roy Warden, aka “the Notorious Mexican Flag Burner,” today revealed shocking Tucson Police Department documents which connect Tucson Unified School District’s “Raza” Studies Department with the “Riot in Armory Park” on April 10, 2006, a massive TUSD student walkout, six felony assaults on TPD officers and meetings between “Raza” students, “Raza” administrators and Tucson public and police officials at the Raza Studies Department at TUSD.

“This is the ‘smoking gun’ which links TUSD, TUSD administrators and teachers, Raza Studies, and thousands of violent TUSD student and faculty protestors in Armory Park on April 10, 2006,” said Warden.

“TUSD Superintendent Celania Fagen has assured the Arizona Legislature that TUSD’s ‘Raza’ studies teaches ‘positive community values.’

“It doesn’t. Raza Studies teaches ethnic, political and cultural superiority. It teaches violence and racism. And I have the documents to prove it!”

Subsequent to the April 10, 2006 Nationwide Day of Protest March and Rally (aka “the Riot in Armory Park) Tucson Police Department Officials wrote an “After Action Report” dated May 08, 2006. Included with the report were various letters between the Tucson City Attorney Mike Rankin, Chief of Police Richard Miranda, Tucson City Manager Mike Hein, Independent Police Auditor Liana Perez, etc., which revealed the extent of TUSD involvement.

“Assistant Police Chief Kathleen Robinson and the Independent Police Auditor Liana Perez actually met with ‘Raza’ students and faculty at the Raza Department facilities at TUSD to listen to their concerns and demands,” said Warden.

“With regards to dealing with the consequences of radical street protests and felony assaults on TPD officers, Tucson City Officials view TUSD’s Raza Department as an important political entity which must be accommodated in order to deter future violence and criminal activity,” said Warden.

Lest we forget: on April 10, 2006 more than 15,000 “Open Border” protestors gathered in Armory Park, waved Mexican Flags, and demand the United States cede sovereignty to Mexico. The marchers proclaimed: “Today we march, tomorrow we vote.” Fifteen so called “counter protestors” rallied peacefully to demand Mexican Illegal Aliens go home.

“On April 10, 2006 in Armory Park Tucson Arizona for the first time “Pro Raza” activists were confronted publically and told: ‘America will never be Mexico. America is the Stronghold and here in Pima County we Americans will make our stand!’

“They didn’t like our opposition,” said Warden.

“They didn’t the political content of our message, and the assertion of the Rule of Law, so they rioted.”

For further information, or copies of the documents referred to herein, please contact:

Roy Warden
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