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Americans Start to Turn On Obama

June 23, 2009
Robert Moon

We already know that America is a conservative, patriotic country, and that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree, on nearly every issue, with the Tea Partiers, not the corrupt Washington extremists currently running our country into the ground.

For months, those of us following the news have been beside ourselves at the astonishing disconnect between the disastrous attacks on our Constitution that have turned a common, 10-15 month recession into the greatest destruction of wealth in human history, and the perpetrators responsible for it.

We’ve known from the beginning that these are the same people who destroyed our economy in the first place by needlessly interfering in the housing market, lowering standards, and creating a culture of unaccountable lending. We’ve been acutely aware of their appallingly dishonest use of the crisis their policies created misrepresent themselves as the solution, rather than the problem.

The story continues …..

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