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Remember Obama Said we can ‘Keep Our Doctor’? WH Says Don’t Take Him ‘Literally’

June 22, 2009
Warner Todd Huston

Once again President Obama sent out his meaningless rhetoric about how, in his benevolence, we will be “allowed” to “keep our doctors” if we like them. On June 19, the Associated Press promulgated the president’s “promises” as a ”health plan guarantee.”

The AP duly reported the baseless claims issued daily from Obama and his advocates that he isn’t interested in a single payer plan and that we will be allowed to keep our current healthcare plan if we are happy with it. Further, Obama and his many mouthpieces claim they aren’t trying to destroy the insurance industry and don’t want it replaced with a socialist, government controlled, bureaucrat operated healthcare plan. But even the AP can’t paper over the singular fact that few with any real knowledge of what Obamacare will end up fostering can believe the president’s empty claims.

The story continues …..

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