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My Medical Condition I Haven’t Told You About (Satire)

June 22, 2009
Ed Tazelaar

Because I am long in the tooth and I am walking into the sunset of my life, I decided to tell you about an illness I have been hiding from you.

My doctor diagnosed it as “Barackaritis” which affects both Democrats & Republicans, but especially Conservatives. Liberals are immune to the disease. This condition started about five months ago, and symptoms began by watching too much cable TV, CNN, FOX & MSN news shows.

Symptoms include insomnia, nightmares, chills and fever due to worry about my country’s economy and safety of its citizens.

I’ve noticed a sudden desire to spend millions, no billions, of other peoples dollars faster than a drunken sailor who just won a Powerball lottery. Another symptom is a desire to drink TEA and hum Yankee Doodle Dandy.

The story continues …..

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