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The Criminal American Arsonist

June 20, 2009
Ron Ewart
On which side do you stand ….. patriot or arsonist?

It can’t be any plainer ….. Rome is burning! And who are the arsonists who are starting the arson fires under our flag, our constitution and our very liberty? Who is setting the torch to the institutions of our freedom? Who is selling our sovereignty to the international money changers and the power brokers? Who is robbing the public treasury to buy off the ignorant and naive for their votes, to keep the arsonists in power? Who is pandering to our enemies with gutless apologies and reckless appeasement?

It is the traitors that are running the “show” in Washington DC and in every state capitol, county, city, hamlet, or burough in America. Yes, there are a few who are trying prevent the striking of the match that sets the fires, but way too few, and sadly, most of those have lost their connection to the true principles of liberty.

The story continues …..

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