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The Second American Revolution

June 17, 2009
Republic Magazine
Issue 15
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issue15coverYou may not know it yet, but you have been chosen … chosen to live in the most historic days of the American experiment. You have also been chosen to make a choice: either you stand with America and fight to restore our Republic or you cower and hide in fear of retribution. I hope you would choose the former and join with us to expel the forces that have been working diligently to overthrow our sovereign Republic since the Founders conceived the first American Revolution. My friends, the lone lantern has been placed in the tower, Paul Revere already rode through the streets, the enemies of freedom are on our soil, and it is time to take to the field of battle as you will see upon the pages of this, our 15th issue of Republic Magazine. RESTORE THE REPUBLIC!

Gary Franchi, Editor

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  1. June 18, 2009 4:41 pm

    Dear Mr. Poole:

    Perhaps you’ve read some of my commentary regarding Open Border Policy and “La Raza,” published under CSII, Common Sense II and

    Your writing is terrific!

    In Arizona I have tried to connect activism with writing. My group(s) confront the “Pro-Raza” organizations directly, in the streets or in the courts, and then we publish the results.

    To our recent credit: We have “disposed of” Pro-Raza enthusiast former Arizona Chief Justice Ruth McGregor, (got her to resign in disgrace more than a year before her term was to end) and motivated the Arizona legislature to initiate legislation to stop funding the “Raza” propaganda programs in the Tucson Unified School District.

    If we can collaborate on future projects, please let me know.


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