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Supercorridor Coalition Meets in Quebec

June 14, 2009
New American

Earlier this year, the neoconservative and establishment-favored Heritage Foundation published a report regarding claims that a NAFTA Superhighway and a North American Union were being created. The claims insist that a planned massive highway would stretch from southern Mexico through the United States and into Canada. They also show that the United States, Canada, and Mexico are gradually being merged into a North American Union along the lines of the European Union.

A Heritage publication mentioned having checked with the Washington Post, the Washington Times, and its own “policy experts” to see if there was any substance to these claims. The conclusion finally reached by the well-funded Washington think tank was that such claims were “baseless.”

The leading publisher of these “baseless” claims happens to be The New American magazine and its parent, the John Birch Society. Both have published a veritable mountain of evidence to back up the charge that the highway and a North American Union are being created and that regional arrangements such as the NAU and the EU are stepping stones toward world government. All of this information is available to anyone. (To download a PDF of our special issue on the subject, click here.) But that doesn’t stop the denials from Heritage and others that any such plans actually exist. Yet, evidence continues to arise.

The story continues …..

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