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Whatever Barry Wants Barry Gets

June 1, 2009
Sher Zieve

Despite his feigned protestations to the contrary, since his usurping of the US presidency Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama (AKA “Barry” who said he does not want to run a car company) now owns General Motors and will soon own Chrysler. Although his mainstream media continues to say that “taxpayers own the companies,” we do not. Obama and his friends do. We will NEVER see any viable return on investment for this Obama folly-for-us-and-money-in-his-and-his-buddies’-pockets for him. He has now–almost single-handedly–destroyed the US auto industry.

Obama must be very proud. His dictatorial power (now almost absolute) is growing exponentially and he is getting virtually everything he wants. No elected officials–from either side of the aisle–are attempting to stop him. Obama, also, now appears to be unequivocally running the US Department of Justice. The DOJ dropped a voter-intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panthers, even though (see below video) they were clearly threatening all those who entered the shown polling place. Thus far, no reason has been given for this action by any member of the US Department of Justice. The only reason that currently has any viability is that Obama ordered them to do so. Bear in mind, the New Black Panthers supported Obama for POTUS. Are we on our way to becoming South Africa–or worse?

The story continues …..

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