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May 4, 2009
Neal Ross

A legacy is defined as, “something from past: something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time.” There are all kinds of legacies. Some, like a family name, are associated with wealth, power, or political position. Such is the case when you mention the names Kennedy and Rockefeller. On the other hand, mention the names Marcos, Stalin, or Hitler and you get images of the abuse of power and the infringement of rights and liberties.

Over the course of time a legacy might change. For instance, a family born into poverty, might through the industriousness of one, lead to a lifestyle of wealth and privilege. Such is the case of many of the self-made millionaires who worked hard, and worked their way from poverty to become leaders of industry or finance.

Of course the opposite can also apply. A person may be born into a family of stature and power and then due to the mismanagement of their wealth, lead their family into ruin.

However, people, and families are not the only things that can bestow a legacy upon posterity, nations can do so as well. By the actions of the leaders of a nation, they can bestow upon posterity a legacy of freedom, or a legacy of servitude and suffering.

The story continues …..

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