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Obama Citizenship Crisis & Industrial Strength Stupidity

May 4, 2009
Devvy Kidd

Why do I call the cover up of Obama aka Soetoro aka and all his other aliases a crisis? Because the longer federal judges play fast and loose with the law and other law enforcement (DOJ) continue to ignore a true constitutional legal challenge, the more extensive the damage to this country will be. As I have said in recent columns, production of a long form vault birth certificate will “not put to rest this issue once and for all.” If the document were genuine and showed Obama aka Soetoro and so forth, were born in Kenya, it would only prove what so many of us already know: Obama aka Soetoro is a classic narcissist and pathological liar. However, if a genuine long form birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii, it still does not get around constitutional restrictions even though his mother was a U.S. citizen.

The issue of his citizenship status is a legal one, not a political one. This is what Obama’s supporters willfully continue to ignore. They gleefully display their industrial strength stupidity by attacking Americans who are asking the law be upheld because no one, not even a president (or usurper president) is above the law. Here are a few examples of individuals who care nothing for our constitution. I can tell you by reading their carefully crafted lies and distortions that they’ve never spent five minutes reading any legal analysis or historical writings about the issue of ‘natural born at birth.’

The story continues …..

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