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THE SOVEREIGN STATES: Notes of a Citizen of Virginia

April 28, 2009
James Jackson Kilpatrick
Published, 1957
Source …..

The Sovereign States: Notes of a Citizen of Virginia, presents the best explanation we have found of the proper view of our Federal Union-this great Confederation of free, sovereign and independent States.

Written during the Southern resistance to the palpably unconstitutional Brown v. Board of Education decree of 1954, author James J. Kilpatrick presents a clear and lucid exposition, accessible to the lay reader, of the founding of our present Constitutional Republic, the historic events that have shaped it, and the challenges we face today to restore constitutional government and preserve liberty under law for ourselves and our posterity.

The book entered the Public Domain in the mid-1980s, and this Web presentation is offered to the Public Domain in the interest of educating liberty-loving Americans in protecting our freedoms and way of life.

Our goal in this online presentation has been to preserve the look and feel of the book as much as possible while at the same time leveraging the advantages of HTML to maximize its use as a reference. All footnotes are reciprocally linked to their respective note entries, and links are provided to original source materials (especially court cases) wherever possible. Even the index has been retained, with links to embedded page numbers in the text.

We highly recommend this important volume to all students of American government.

This presentation was prepared by Joel T. LeFevre and is not authorized or endorsed by James J. Kilpatrick.

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