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The Obama Attack Is Real – A Call to Action and a Battle Plan!

April 28, 2009
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There are more strong signals coming from the Obama Administration that they want to put AM radio out of business – and then re-shape it according to their own political and social purposes. When we launched UnFairAir a couple weeks ago, we only knew about their censorship agenda by way of FCC local content regulation. Now Obama has surfaced new spectrum-use taxes on AM radio (tax us off air), and floated proposals to impose racial and gender quotas to decide “who” should be allowed to own radio stations. Chilling.

The Good News: From our first “e.Pistle,” thousands of radio industry people like you have enlisted to build an online army to defend talk radio. Now we need you to use our Tell Your Friends tool to send this call-to-action to friends, family, community leaders, advertisers, landlords, your kid’s little league team list – ANYONE – who knows you and the contribution you make to the community and to the industry. Soon, we are going to launch an online petition to take direct action against the Obama’s attack on radio – once we better understand where the F.C.C./regulatory or Congressional threat is greatest.
Final note. My good friend, Brian Jennings, an UnFairAir enlistee, just wrote a new book, Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio, which should be required reading. Thank you, Brian, for joining-up. We’re all in this fight for the future of an industry we love and America needs!

Roger Hedgecock
Radio America host and former Mayor of San Diego, California

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