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Jury Nullification: Your Awesome Power

April 27, 2009
Alan Stang

Recently, we talked about the powers of the grand jury that the government has hidden from you, powers that newly informed Americans are beginning to reassert. That process, however sound and constitutional, will take some time, precisely because those powers, under remorseless judicial usurpation, have long lain dormant. Most Americans are unaware of them.

This week let’s look at a power you have that is equally devastating, a power that could bring our communist nightmare to its knees, that you can begin using right now with absolutely no risk. It is another awesome power the totalitarian, legal bozos have labored long to conceal. It is called “jury nullification.”

And let’s begin with something you probably already know. You certainly know it if you have ever served on a trial jury. As soon as you sit down, the judge “instructs” you. He says he will make all decisions on the law; you are there only to decide on the facts. Did So-and-so spit on the sidewalk or not? Did he or didn’t he fill out the right form? If he did or he didn’t, he is guilty or innocent.

What’s wrong with this? What’s wrong is that the judge is lying. In fact, every trial judge in this country is routinely lying in every trial. What? Every judge? How? As a juror, you have the power to rule on the law as well as the facts. The lying judge is concealing that power from you, in the same way he is concealing the true powers of the grand jury, through usurpation. So, if the juror has the power to rule on everything, what is a truthful judge there to do? He is there to explain the law, to advise, and to be an umpire. That’s all!

The story continues …..

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