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Implant “chip-a-thon” as fundraiser against cancer (!?!)

April 15, 2009
Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.
via email …..

I thought I’d seen every lame thing the RFID industry could dish up to support microchip implants, but this is over the top.

An upcoming “Chip-a-thon”(!?!) in Northern Pennsylvania will be injecting pets with microchips — to raise money for the American Cancer Society!

These are the same microchips that cause cancer in 1% to 10% of laboratory animals that receive them. Peer-reviewed journal articles have shown to be related to cancerous tumors in at least two dogs.

This promotional puff piece contains no mention of cancer, the recent death of Charlie Brown–the chihuahua that bled to death in January from a chip implant, chip migration, chip failure, MRI incompatibility, function creep, societal downsides, industry deception, religious opposition — nothing.

The Pocono Record should be ashamed at passing this off as balanced journalism. We need to start calling journalists and editors on the carpet whenever they print biased promotional pieces that support the implant industry. They need to investigate and report the facts. Microchip implants are dangerous, and should not be put into living beings.

Could one of you (or many of you) write a letter to the editor about this horrible article? At the very least we need some serious comments in the “Respond to this article” section.

And would any of you in Northern Pennsylvania be interested in protesting this event? It’s next Sunday, April 19th, from 10:00 to 4:00 in Saylorsburg, PA. Maybe a few CASPIAN members could show up and peacefully hand out flyers to educate unwary pet owners. Let me know if you’re interested in coordinating or attending the event and I’ll spread the word.

Meanwhile, research studies on the link between microchip implants and cancer are available at

For inspiration, check out the TV coverage of our 300+ person anti-implant protest in San Marcos!
or at:

In freedom,
Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.

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