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Former Colorado State Senator Polly Baca major racist

April 9, 2009
Frosty Wooldridge

This week, former Colorado State Senator Polly Baca said of U.S. Air Force veteran, Gregory Williams of Broomfield, “My family has been in Colorado for several hundred years before your family got here. We founded Colorado and helped write our state constitution. Go back to Europe or wherever you came from. We don’t need ignorant people who don’t know our history here in this state. Your hate-filled and misguided ramblings don’t deserve any further response.”

In a country where minorities hurl racist charges at everyone that stands up for the U.S. Constitution, Baca’s comments create an acid taste in the mouths of all Americans. The United States provides more immigration, food, housing, medical care and opportunities for more people around the world than all other nations combined.

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