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Budget Expands Government as Economy Contracts

April 7, 2009
Rep. Ron Paul (TX)
Texas Straight Talk


ron-paul-constitutionLast week the House passed another budget that increases federal power, raises taxes, and increases the national debt.  I voted against it, and was pleased to see that not a single Republican representative voted for it.  Legislators often see bipartisanship as constructive, but I disagree especially where the destruction of our economy or our liberty is concerned.  There has been too much bipartisan consensus on expanding government far beyond the bounds of the Constitution which we all swore to defend and uphold.  Because of this, I have never been able to vote for a budget.  However, it was good to see Republicans come together on this important vote, even if their alternative budget was almost as bad.

Despite the deterioration of our economy, this is the largest budget ever passed, at $3.6 trillion.  Gross domestic product and tax receipts are shrinking.  The government has less money to spend this year, and so it spends more – $1.5 trillion more – than it has.  When the economy expands, the government expands.  Worse, when the economy contracts, the government expands more.  Even more troubling is that even though the size of the budget boggles the mind, it is never the final word on federal spending.   No allowance has been made for future bailouts and stimulus plans that are highly likely.  There are always supplemental bills passed later in the year.  War spending is one of those.  Spending on Afghanistan is only partially included in budget, with a supplemental request expected in the future.  History shows that true costs far exceed estimates.  So even though these numbers sound appalling enough, I predict spending will top $4 trillion this year, raising the national debt by over $2 trillion when all is said and done.  

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