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America, What Have We Done?

April 5, 2009
Neal Ross

A Eulogy by Neal Ross


america-ripI do not think a day goes by without someone asking me why I always look so serious. It’s not that I am serious all the time, most of the time my mind is a thousand miles away, thinking about what I am going to write about next. However, there are times when that serious look is a symptom of something else entirely.

As a rule, I try to look at the bright side of things; unfortunately, there are days when I just can’t seem to find the silver lining, no matter how hard I try. On these rare occasions, I experience an overwhelming sense of sadness that penetrates to the very depths of my soul.

I do not suffer from depression, if that is what you are thinking. What ails me is a grief so overpowering it, quite literally, saps the life out of me. I grieve for my country, just as someone would mourn the passing of a loved one. I grieve because the country I grew to love no longer exists, it has long since died.

I grew up during a time in which our nation undertook a radical departure from the principles that made it great. This departure has taken us down a path that if not changed immediately, will result in our certain downfall.

The story continues …..

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