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The difference between 1 state and 50 states

April 4, 2009
McDowell News

How federal power enforces misery

The United States contains more than 306 million human souls, according to a Census Bureau Web site. We have among us hundreds of ethnic groups, widely disparate religious and philosophical traditions and diverse regional cultures.

Americans vary greatly on almost every question from the most mundane matters of taste and behavior to great matters of law and order and freedom. Government public service announcements on late night television tout that “our diversity is our strength.” That’s a lovely sentiment and it makes everyone feel nice and welcome, although it is, in point of fact, balderdash.

I personally like diversity. It makes life interesting and makes a world of cuisine easily accessible when you get sick of sausage, white bread and iceberg lettuce. If you get bored with your own culture’s hard-headed obstinacy you can go hang out with some other group that’s obstinate in its own exotic way. But diversity doesn’t make a nation strong. The best you can say about diversity is that it doesn’t hurt.

Last week in this space we looked at attempts by several states’ legislatures to resume some of their aspects as “states” and to limit the federal government to its legally specified tasks and functions. We are all so used to thinking of the U.S. as “one nation, indivisible” it is hard to imagine an America without Washington as our supreme authority.

The federals certainly think of themselves in that light. They claim jurisdiction over virtually every aspect of our lives as individuals, as communities and as states.

It is impossible to get everyone in the world to agree with you. That’s why we have families, clans and nations. We bunch up with people we have a lot in common with. We marginalize outsiders and thus maintain peaceful streets (more or less). The federal “super state” makes that peace impossible and enforces misery on everyone. Here are a couple of examples:

The story continues …..

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