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More Illegals Problems From Mexico

April 4, 2009
Al Benson Jr.

We’ve had increasing problems with Mexico for several years now in the form of illegal aliens coming into this country, partly because socialist Mexico can’t support its population. Recently we’ve had even more problems because Mexico has a problem with criminal gangs and drugs that they are unable or unwilling to handle and so the human refuse from all that is spilling across our Southern border and is becoming our problem as well (as if we didn’t already have enough of our own).

For years when Americans complained to various government officials about the illegal immigration problem they were told “All the illegals are doing is taking the jobs that Americans don’t want anymore.” The unemployment problem in this country, due to our government’s socialist managing of the economy, has finally given the lie to that package of bovine fertilizer.

Now, as the news leaks out bit by bit, (no thanks to the “news” media) we are beginning to find out just what is really coming across our Southern border, and folks, it ain’t pretty!

The story continues …..

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