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Private Associations vs. Government and “We The People”

April 3, 2009
Walter Burien

From the inside of government in the early 1900’s there use to be pretty good transparency. The many actions recently enacted counter productive to the public and public’s wealth accumulation in favor of  select groups of others as is now the ever increasing case over the last four decades, if the same that has been instituted within government was attempted for implementation and discussed openly from inside government where visible, most of what happened would not have happened, it would have been stopped.

But, when the policy, vehicle, and procedure is created behind closed doors outside of government, strategy worked out for implementation, and then offered for implementation with the engine now running, the car gassed up, and looking sharp with a mighty nice shine, (and a few pockets greased) the offer to “let’s take a ride and test it out” turns into  “you are now aboard, look it works, so you must now follow our instructions”.

What are these “private associations” directing? The majority of ALL OF THE INCOME, WEALTH, AND THE WHO: WHERE; AND WHEN that wealth is spent, invested, and utilized…

The story continues …..

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