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“Net Neutrality” – Government Prepares to do to the Internet what it’s doing to the Auto Industry

April 3, 2009

By way of “Net Neutrality,” the federal government is preparing to do to the Internet what it has done to the auto industry, public schools, the tax code, the home mortgage industry, the postal service, the healthcare industry, the ethanol industry, the airline industry, freedom of political speech and the financial industry bailout.

One might expect that the Obama Administration’s recent intrusions into those industries would keep it sufficiently busy, at least temporarily.  Still ravenous despite those gigantic undertakings, however, it now seeks to regulate the Internet as well. 

Until now, the Internet has vividly illustrated how American innovation and technology flourish precisely when government keeps out. 

After all, what other institution or industry can match the Internet’s success and positive societal impact in recent decades?  Certainly no industry into which government has inserted itself. 

The story continues …..

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