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Save America From Socialism

April 3, 2009
Dr. Laurie Roth

The legs and arms continue to be ripped off the body of the patient while Obama talks ever so carefully and diplomatically with the world leaders at the G20 meeting. No doubt these wonders of international leadership and wisdom are campaigning for an international currency and regulations to come. Expect a well-worded, international report within a week or two announcing an international currency that would of course have negotiated controls and regulations from a central source.

Naturally, since we are in so many national and international emergencies, transitioning to another currency for international trade will shred even further wealth and retirement investments for millions, but who cares. You know the “Chicago way” don’t you……….”the means justify the ends.” What’s a few more million suffering bodies. Government will just scheme to redistribute some more wealth to solve the crises they are currently making.

The story continues …..

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