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Of Tea Parties, Tea Bags, Grand Juries and the 10th Amendment

April 2, 2009
Ron Ewart

Is there a revolt going on in America today?  The answer is an unequivocal YES!  In every rural enclave, hamlet, town, city and state in America, an uprising is brewing and the pot is heading for a boil. Some uprisings are small, but many are growing larger.  Most protests don’t have a specific action in mind, but are just a show of rising frustration with a government that has lost its direction, if not its collective mind. Cries for solutions to government excesses and abuses, abound.

Bailouts for banks, businesses and every Tom, Dick and Mary with a sob story, are angering those who work hard for what they have and are responsible and self-reliant, but forced by government to pay trillions of dollars for the failure of others.  Constant and increasing power grabs by government, in answer to a financial crisis the government created in the first place, is sending millions of Americans into a subdued rage. 

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