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Bilderberg Book 2nd Edition Hits Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Books List with Preorders

April 2, 2009
PR Web


bilderbergBefore the book even hits the shelves, the 2nd Edition of Daniel Estulin’s “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” has become a fixture on the “Hot New Releases” current events list at The exposé is ranking in the top ten hot new books along with such heavyweights as Ann Coulter; a rare feat for a micro-press from Oregon, far removed from the nation’s media hot-spots.

The “North American Union edition” has 72 new pages, including a time-line of hidden and public actions that are leading us towards a North American Union, where national sovereignty may be put aside in the name of economic efficiency

Initially written to inform a European audience, the first English edition was published with a stateside audience in mind, but the volume lacked information about the hidden “international planning” directly affecting Americans. This new edition contains revealing details concerning the covert and overt machinations silently propelling us towards a North American Union. An insidious idea that proposes to do away with our sovereignty for the sake of economic efficiency, expanded horizons and state security.

The story continues …..

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