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Obama And His Friends Want Your Guns!

April 2, 2009
Al Benson Jr.


bobby-rushRecently Congressman Bobby Rush from (where else) Illinois introduced into Congress a new anti-gun bill, HR 45, which, if enacted, would basically eviscerate your Second Amendment rights. Rush happens to be an ex-Black Panther, who, ironically enough, was once busted for illegal possession of firearms. Now he wants to make sure no one has access to them. He is, needless to say, in the same political corner (that corner way over there on the left) as Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama rather shamelessly has tried to pose as a friend to gun owners, telling a group in Idaho awhile back that “I have no intention of taking away folks’ guns.” The Obama File (see link below) that I mentioned in a previous article has taken note of Mr. Obama’s (or whatever his name really is) true stance on the Second Amendment and the information it provides should not be reassuring to gun owners and advocates of the Second Amendment.

The story continues …..

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