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Fabian Socialists Gone Wild

April 1, 2009
Joe Kress

The Fabian Society (founded January 4, 1884), began as a socialist movement in Great Britain. Its purpose is to accomplish a social democracy to transform societies and governments not through revolution but gradually. It is the foundation of the British Labor Party and subsequently it forced the decolonized of the British Empire. The Fabians favored gradual incremental change. The name was taken from the Roman Republic General Fabius Maximus or Quintus Fabius Maximus the “Cunctator.” The meaning of which is “The Delayer.” His, as indeed is the Fabian winning strategy … harassment and war of attrition rather than head on battles against his enemy, Carthage, whose defender was Hannibal Barca.

The Fabians favored nationalism of land, believing that rents collected by landowners were unearned. The founders of the Fabian Society were Sidney and Beatrice Webb (founders of the London School of Economics). Together, they wrote studies on co-operative economics applied to ownership of capital as well as land. The meat of their message was a minimum wage, creation of socialized medicine, and the abolition of hereditary peers. They favored a British Empire imperialist foreign policy as a conduit for Liberal Internationalism and reform and a welfare state modeled on the Otto von Bismarck Social Legislation and a national education system where its classrooms are the future battlefields of the Empire in which commercial prosperity are to be fought.

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