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Sleeping With the Enemy

March 31, 2009
Jeffrey Bennett

Are you shocked? Hell, I’m not. When you sleep with the Devil – you take it in the assets.

So, a few months ago, while Junior was still in residency at 1600, the (once) B I G Three Auto makers from the Mutha City (Detroit) came to town to beg for financial AIDS from Big Brother and the holding Company (CON-ress). They all flew down to the city of DeCeit – Washington, you know… BIG cars, loose wimmen, little choir boys (pages) and 535 Traitors with no balls.

Moe (Alan Mulally), Larry (Robert Nardelli) and Curly (Richard Wagoner) came in on those BIG corporate jets, each of which I am sure has burled paneled walls, BIG screen tv’s, a fully stocked bar, and maybe even some more loose wimmins! Wearing their BEST $3,000 Armani suits with their rich, Corinthian leather shoes (sorry Ricardo), they plopped their BIG asses down at the table in front of the CON-gressional twits and stated their cases, as to why they should be bailed out, like the boys on Wall Street and Bankers Alley. “Damn, Moneybags,” they stated, “Why if you don’t give us the dinero, the entire economy of the Western World will collapse and we’ll all be stuck driving those damned Jap cars.” (As if many of us are anyway). Can’t have that! “Plymouth, and mah Daddy’s merry old Oldsmobile are gone the way of the Packard and Hudson. We can’t allow Chebby and Ford and Christ-ler to go belly up. Who will pay the Union dues?”

The story continues …..

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