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Violent Gangs From All Over The World Infest American Cities

March 31, 2009
Michael Cutler

As those of you who generally read my commentaries know, I generally write those commentaries by basing them on a newspaper article. Today I have decided to simply explain my consternation at the growing threat posed by the violence in Mexico attributed to the drug cartels in that nation that lies on our country’s southern border and the lack of proper strategy by our own government.

Several days after our nation was attacked by the terrorists on September 11, 2001 I was contacted by members of then Congressman Tom Tancredo’s staff. They had found out that in May 1997 I had testified at a Congressional hearing conducted by the House Immigration Subcommittee on the issue of Visa Fraud and Immigration Benefit Fraud. That hearing was conducted to assess potential vulnerabilities in the immigration system that contributed the attacks at the Pentagon and at the World Trade Center in the beginning of 1993. Both attacks had been conducted by foreign nationals who had succeeded in gaming the immigration bureaucracy to enter our country and then embed themselves in our nation by acquiring lawful status by defrauding the immigration benefits program.

Because it was clear that immigration played a significant role in the attacks of 1993 and it was obvious that aliens had carried out the attacks of September 11, 2001, they asked that I meet with them and Congressman Tancredo to provide my perspectives and expertise on the obvious nexus between immigration and national security. It is important to note that Tom Tancredo also chaired the House Immigration Reform Caucus.

The story continues …..

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    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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