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Citizens Shouting Out: Common-Law Grand Jury in Georgia Indicts Obama/Soetoro

March 31, 2009
Evil Conservative

Stockbridge, Georgia – The questions over the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to occupy his current position as President of the United States continue to be raised. After being presented with evidence in the matter, a citizens’ grand jury convened by Carl Swensson in Georgia has returned an indictment against Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Sutoro.

Reportedly the sealed indictment, scheduled to be delivered to prosecutors on Monday, includes counts of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. “It’s a done deal, and the people of the State of Georgia demand action on this matter,” said Carl Swensson after the grand jury proceedings had finished. “I can’t comment on this other than to say that the sealed indictment will be delivered to prosecutors on Monday.”

Obviously, where this goes remains to be seen, but it’s one more sign that citizens are waking up and demanding that the allegations of fraud and forgery surrounding the eligibility of Obama be investigated.

The story continues …..

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