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The Shyster in Chief

March 30, 2009
John Barnhart

Barack Obama, Motivated by Marxism


obama-shyster-in-chiefWhen one feels ill, the family is ill, yet you need to get work done, pay the bills etc. the things that one often enjoys normally, like watching television, doing research, and writing commentary has to take a backseat. (Thank you Adam and Eve for all we endure in daily life… couldn’t you have just left the fruit alone, killed the serpent, cooked and eaten it instead?)

After working through being ill the majority of this week, I decided it was past time for me to get back to American Daily Review, and do a whole host of necessary updates. After all, visitors and regular readers deeply deserve to have plenty of content to read, especially since so many dedicated people have sent content that is in need of being reviewed and discussed.

Sadly, the feeling of being ill has not left yet.

The story continues …..

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