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Must We Starve The Child? Kill It? Or Is There Another Choice?

March 28, 2009

Walter Burien

I watched ZEITGEIST the movie when it first came out.

What it all boils down to is government is operating under a systematic corporate philosophy. There is no true humanity in a corporate identity, only a machine for takeover and expansion as most of the controllers that operate the machine guarantee themselves ever expanding revenue to enrich themselves. They also justify this by calculated and wasteful spending or stipends distributed to the masses to keep all on the hook of implied services rendered.

What is really scary is we have a bunch of spoiled little ruthless yuppies taking over the helm and what’s even worse is, over 65% of them are attorneys. The public soon will be flayed, diced, and spiced and then thrown in the oven  to be basted, rotated, and then served for diner. All that they ever owned will belong to the government corporation including their kids. To bad the majority of the public keeps telling themselves: “There is something wrong here but I just can’t figure it out!”

If an individual steals from you, or tries to kill or destroy you, you know specifically who to retaliate against. Many scum hide behind the government corporate vale of structure to do the same. Here they have created an illusion of anonymity whereby they also have structured themselves to control any consequences for their own criminal actions. (Foxes overseeing the hen house and the foxes want to disarm you just in case you object to their policy)

Can you hear them laughing amongst themselves in their back halls as they spend what use to be your money? Telling you over and over again it is being done for your own good?


The story continues …..

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