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Another Revolutionary War?

March 28, 2009
Dave Macy

President-in-Training is moving quickly with his mandate


declaration-of-independenceLook back into the relatively young history of these United States and you’ll uncover some of the essential elements that lead to the Revolution and eventual breakaway from British tyranny. Old King George was essentially tax happy to the point of oppressing the Colonies.  The most grievous of these was perhaps the Stamp Act of 1765 which levied a tax on all kinds of paper used in the Colonies. This lead to the famous phrase ‘no taxation without representation’ as the Colonists formally addressed the issue to the King who responded by adding even more taxes. 

After all, the King was sovereign and had his way with the emerging nation. The Tea tax among others stirred the Colonists to openly grumble and oppose the British monarchy. The mercantile policies which forced the colonies to sell Britain their commodities and then buy back finished goods at inflated prices, their loss of the right to self-govern, and their lack of protection under the Magna Carta which as the King explained, “did not apply to them,” brought the Revolutionary pot to a boiling point. And yes, you remember the famous Boston Tea party from your revisionist history books.

Fast forward to 2009. The President-in-Training is moving quickly with his mandate (“I won”) to implement a Four Trillion dollar budget. Who will pay for this monstrosity: The American taxpayers and their offspring for generations to come (if they are still able to procreate after being kicked in the groin).

The story continues …..

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