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Michelle Obama’s “Victory” Garden

March 27, 2009
John Lillpop


victory-gardenMillions of American families are losing their jobs, 401(k) savings, and homes; major financial institutions are on the verge of being reduced to purveyors of Monopoly play money; the entire American auto industry is headed the way of Ford Edsel; mad men in North Korea and Iran defiantly reject global cries to abandon their diabolical schemes for dangerous missiles and nuclear programs; violence and chaos in the failed state of Mexico are spilling onto U.S. soil; real estate holdings once worth millions are now dirt cheap; reckless liberal politicians are piling trillions upon trillions of debt on the backs of taxpayers and their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren; and the liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are under assault as never before.

Given that dreary prognosis, why would anyone but an out-of-touch elitist decide to disrupt the beautiful landscape of the White House lawn in order to plant a “victory” garden?

What victory for heaven’s sake? America’s Bolshevik Revolution as of November 4, 2008?

Yet that is exactly what America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, has in mind.

The story continues …..

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