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Israel and Palestine: Rare, Balanced Media Article on Causes of Conflict

March 26, 2009
Peers: Want To Know

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is about the most explosive political situation on the planet, yet also one which very rarely receives balanced coverage. Pro-Israeli media and groups depict Israel as the innocent victim and Palestinians as the heartless aggressors threatening innocent civilians. Pro-Palestinian media and groups villainize the Israelis and glorify their own cause. Very rarely, even in Western media, do we see balanced stories on the highly-charged conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Below is a rare, balanced article from Canada’s respected Toronto Star which explores the root causes of the intense Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It clearly shows how both sides play a role in fostering a tense climate which supports ever more hatred and violence. Yet thanks to Breaking the Silence,, and other groups dedicated to helping Israelis and Palestinians recognize their shared humanity and common interests, there is a growing desire to move beyond conflict to create something new which supports the good of all involved. Let us all work towards stopping the violence and recognizing our common humanity with all who share our world.

The story continues …..

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