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March 24, 2009
Don Stott

It really isn’t difficult to find things to write about!  Especially when the economics of a once great nation have been emaciated, plundered, and bankrupted.  Do you realize that every man, woman, and child in America, as of today, has as a personal part of the national debt, close to $117,000?  Do you realize that the Obama sponsored D.C. Gang, has made every sorry, reckless, stupid bank, whole; with your grandchildren’s money?  No matter how dumb their loans were, no matter how idiotic Freddie and Fanny are, and no matter how ludicrous AIG’s well paid stooges are, they will be made whole, thanks to the forthcoming hyper-inflation.

Do you have a slight idea of how many millions of retirement accounts, pension funds, and charities have been destroyed because of the Barney Franks of D.C.?  I find it incomprehensible to witness that a stock market can go up 497 points, three days after another 20 banks went under, and every conceivable thing which can go wrong, has gone wrong. I am astonished at the credulity and unabashed total economic illiteracy of the American and even the world’s public.  We’re headed for hyper-inflation, with prices of everything going through the roof, and America is buying stocks rather than gold and silver?  Unbelievable.  Millions of offices, stores, and shops are empty throughout America, thanks to bankruptcies.  Millions of homes are empty, being foreclosed, in some cases brutally vandalized, and people buy stocks, rather than gold and silver?

The story continues …..

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