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Tonight at my Domestic Terrorist Anonymous Meeting…

March 24, 2009
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domestic-terroristAfter attending for about a year, I finally had the courage to stand up and tell the group about myself. This is what I said.

Hi, my name is Judy….I am a domestic terrorist. I am unable to go clean and shake this unwillingness to be upset with my government, my representatives and all of the elected officials both republican and democrats.

It is true, Missouri has properly classified me. Since my awakening and the Great Teachings of Ron Paul, I do hate my government. I want to take my Country back…. I am guilty of these thoughts daily.

But first a little about myself and my family. I have worked for 22 years in the fire rescue business. Fighting fires, rescuing people, car accidents, heart attacks and all. Not because the pay was great, but because I have such a respect and love for LIFE. All life, human and other. I could also be called a tree hugger. I love animals, I have rescued at least a dozen run-away dogs and turned them into the shelter, I keep doggie biscuits in my van to lure them into my terrorist vehicle.

I volunteer at my local high school and mentor “Health Occupation Students” on being an emergency worker teaching them EMT skills, I serve as Concessions Director for the High School Marching Band and donate every Friday (during Season) to getting supplies and cooking to raise money for the band; it takes about 12 hours of my day. My husband is Booster President. My husband and son donate blood, I can’t due to a medical condition. Last year we led a fund raiser to send a handicapped child to camp in the name of a boy at our school who died that we didn’t even know.

I am a domestic terrorist.

I am so angered at what our elected officials are doing that I write them emails, mail hard copies and even call their office to voice my opposition. I am so angry that I am tempted to mail them the tea bag that they have asked we not send. Just simply send the string and tag, but not the tea bag. But I am so angry I am tempted to send the actual tea bag. I am a domestic terrorist.

I can’t stop myself from being so angry. I need help. I quit my job in December to grow a garden, protect my home and preserve my family. I am growing more food than my family can eat and I plan to give it away. I work in the garden about 6 hours a day and I plan to give the fruit of this labor to people I don’t even know. I am a domestic terrorist and I need help!

Please find a DTA meeting in your neighborhood so the rest of you can find some help!

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