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The Constitutional Crisis Is Already Here

March 24, 2009
Lynn Stuter

Many have foretold the coming of a constitutional crisis if Also Known As (AKA) Obama does not produce the documents proving his eligibility to the office of president. AKA has made it very apparent that he does not intend to produce the documents willingly because to do so would show that he knew he was ineligible from the outset; that the only conspiracy in this matter was the conspiracy in which he engaged to defraud the American people.

Congress, at the time fully aware of the evidence proving AKA ineligible, refused to object to the certifying of the Electoral College on January 8, 2009. Further, and after the fact, they continue to make such inane and stupid claims as “he’s produced his birth certificate”; “he was born in Hawaii”; “he has been vetted by the vote of the people” knowing full well that such is not true.

The Supreme Court and lower courts refuse to address the issue, making such inane claims as “standing”, “moot after the fact”, “frivolous”; or no comment at all. In Allen v Bowen, the judge dismissed, claiming it the duty of Congress to address the matter at the time of the certifying of the electoral college; that outside that objection, no legal remedy exists.

The story continues …..

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