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Bankruptcy is Economic Stimulus

March 23, 2009
Texas Straight Talk
Rep. Ron Paul


ron-paul-manifestoThe distraction on Capitol Hill this week has to do with the jackpot bonuses that executives at AIG recently received.  The argument is over a relative drop in the bucket.  The total amount of bonuses given out was $165 million.  The government has put $170 billion into AIG so far.  Many now are demanding we get this money back.   We ought to be spending our time and effort doing something more worthwhile, like figuring out how the Federal Reserve is handling the trillions of dollars they are creating and pumping into the economy, and how that is affecting the purchasing power of dollars in your pocket.

The big mistake was appropriating the TARP funds in the first place.  A Johnny-come-lately bill of attainder won’t stop the spending epidemic.  This whole situation is a perfect demonstration of why “doing nothing” and letting failing companies fail would have been much better than sinking valuable money and resources into them. 

The story continues …..

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